shingt (Shinichi Goto)

Software Engineer (Swift, Objective-C, Ruby on Rails, Golang, OpenCV, C++, Perl).
Currently working at Mercari, Inc. in Japan.


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Providing Better Feedback in Real-time Object Detection Apps at try! Swift Tokyo 2017

Core ML 🏃 iOS Engineer at Tokyo iOS Meetup

What can we achieve using Core ML and Vision framework

Wantedly People Scanning Screen

Value Types in WWDC16 at WWDC16 meetup


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Goto S, Aoki T (2014) Violent scenes detection using mid-level violence clustering. Computer Science. CSCP. pp. 283296.

S. Goto, T. Aoki, "TUDCL at MediaEval 2013 Violent Scenes Detection: Training with Multimodal Features by MKL", Working Notes Proc. [3], 2013.

A study on high-robust SIFT features using depth information, 2011.